Altona's trusted electricians

For all your electrical services in Altona and surrounding suburbs you can trust the team at ACR Electrical & Security Services. Our electricians are reliable, trustworthy, highly skilled and experienced.

Keep our number by your phone, on your fridge or at your desk so we are easy to reach in case of an emergency. One of our friendly team is always waiting to take your call.


commercial electrical services

Let us take care of all your commercial and industrial electrical services, safely and cost-effectively. We can send a dedicated electrician to regularly perform tests, maintenance and repairs on your site in Altona and surrounds. For maximum safety in the work place trust the expert team at ACR Electrical & Security Services.


electrician checking alarm system

Electricity is very dangerous, never attempt or allow a loved one to attempt electrical repairs at home. Always call a qualified electrician. At ACR Electrical & Security Services in Point Cook; we have the highest regard for safety in and around your home. You can trust us to complete every job without fault.


One of Altona's electricians

We are here 24/7 and 365 days a year. We never close and always have someone on standby to take your calls. Our emergency vehicle is packed and ready to go with everything our expert electricians might need to complete your repair in Altona and surrounds. Never leave anything to chance when it comes to electricity.